3 in 1 USB C to DVI/C female/USB 3.0 adapter

multiport ABS shell usb c adapter

The USB 3.1 Type-C to DVI+USB3.0+Type-C/F adapter is a great companion for your 12 inch Macbook or Google new Chromebook Pixel. With this adapter, you can enjoy Full HD video on monitor/projector/TV with HDMI port from your type C supported computers. You can also connect your USB 3.0 devices to your type C supported computers. The type C/Female lets you charge your Type-C computer easily.

Combining the port of DVI, USB3.0, type C/F into one, the Type-C to DVI+USB3.0+Type-C/F adapter allows you to connect your type C supported computers to the devices with DVI port and other devices with USB3.0 port. The type C/F offers you easier charging way.

Type C/Female Port
The type C/Female port allows you to charge your 12 inch Macbook, Google new Chromebook Pixel.

Input: USB3.1 Type C(Male)
Output: DVI(Female)+USB3.0(Female)
Type-C(Female): for current input to charge laptop with Type-C interface
Color: White